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Anxiety, depression, social phobia, and OCD are like a job. The level of interference in a person’s professional, social, and family life can be incredibly time-consuming and emotionally taxing. Unfortunately, unlike many other jobs, these disorders do not provide a pay check, do not give days off or vacation time, and certainly do not come with benefits. However, they are extremely time-consuming. People suffering from these issues are easily able to recall many instances where these problems have detracted from their ability to perform and have joy in their lives. Time is a limited resource that cannot be replaced. If you are interested in seeking treatment, ask yourself if you are ready to quit this second job. Ask yourself how valuable your time and happiness is.

My name is Christopher Guardino and I am glad that you have visited my website. If you are looking for a creative type of treatment that allows you to receive counseling right from the comfort of your own home and at your own convenience, you are in the right place. Treatment Made Simple seeks to teach individuals the skills and tools necessary to effectively understand and manage mental health issues, such as day-to-day life stressors, relationship issues and a variety of anxiety and depression symptoms through e-therapy.

Licensed mental health counselors, are trained in counseling and psychotherapy to treat individuals with mental and emotional disorders and other behavioral challenges. Mental health counselors address mental health, human relationship, education and career concerns within ethical, developmental, preventive and treatment contexts. Mental health counselors demonstrate a concern for the short-term and long-term well-being of individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations.

The expanding world of telecommunications has brought about new methods of providing help to individuals suffering with psychological problems. E-therapy has become a widely accepted way to help individuals resolve various concerns by means of e-mail, real-time chat, secure web-based instant messaging, videoconferencing, and Internet phone.

If you are interested in e-therapy, it is most important that you understand what it is about and if it is appropriate for you.  It is also important to learn about me, my qualifications, the type of service I provide and the benefits of my services.